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Burley in Wharfedale is a village in the county of West Yorkshire, England. Along with Menston, Burley is part of Wharfedale Ward in the metropolitan borough of the City of Bradford. It lies on the A65, approximately fourteen miles north-west of the centre of Leeds, between Otley and Ilkley. Burley has a railway station on the Wharfedale line, with direct trains to Leeds, Bradford and Ilkley.

The village is adjoined by Burley Woodhead, a small cluster of farms and homes at the foot of Burley Moor.

Originally a small agricultural community with likely Roman and Anglo-Saxon roots, Burley developed in the late 18th and 19th centuries into an industrial village with many residents employed at the cotton mills known as Greenholme Mills, which were powered from a goit fed from the River Wharfe.


Traditional 18th and 19th century stone terraced housing in the village centre

New Housing Development in Burley, 1990sThe development of industrial and commercial centres in the nearby cities of Leeds and Bradford, combined with rail and bus links, prompted major changes to the village in the early 20th Century. Council housing was built in the 1920s and 1950s, as the village became a dormitory settlement for the two cities.

Developments in the second half of the twentieth century have seen Burley become a prosperous but socially diverse village. The village has a high percentage of elderly and retired people, as well as many young families attracted by job opportunities, local schools and new housing developments.

Whilst the cotton mill no longer operates, the village retains a strong range of local businesses and a strong community atmosphere.

Whilst the 1991 census give a population figure of just over 6300, the development of new housing estates has resulted in a significant population increase.

The village has two state primary schools, Burley and Woodhead Primary School and Burley Oaks Primary School, along with Ghyll Royd School, a private primary and nursery school for boys.

It also has an Anglican Church, an United Reformed Church, and a Catholic Church.

It benefits from a range of public buildings, such as the Queens' Hall, originally built as a lecture hall for mill workers. Recent work by community groups has resulted in developments including a new nature reserve and village green.

Burley Woodhead was also the home of the late Richard Whiteley, a popular television celebrity, until his death in 2005.

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